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Optiver Videos

Why start your tech career at Optiver?

From fast feedback loops to working alongside some of the industry's best engineers, Sairah explores technology at Optiver and why you should accelerate your career with us.

Discover a career in trading, research or market risk

Lauren explores the differences between our trading, research, and market risk teams, as well as the qualities that we look for in our interns and graduates. She also shares her #1 tip for success when applying.

Meet Milan, Index Options Graduate Trader at Optiver

From working in a fast feedback culture to collaborating on unique quantitative problems, Milan shares insights into our training program and his journey to becoming a trader at Optiver.

Meet Joanne, Graduate Software Developer at Optiver

Joanne shares her experience in the graduate program, and the support she's received to help her develop and grow her career at Optiver.

#WomenatOptiver | Meet Suganya, tech leader at Optiver

From graduate developer to tech leader, Suganya shares her journey through Optiver and why the firm is one of the best places to grow your career in.

Ready to accelerate your career?

From the countless learning opportunities to our collaborative and supportive culture, discover how you can accelerate your career at Optiver.

Meet the Optiver team on campus

From exploring our career opportunities to discovering our incredible culture, Monash university students heard first hand from Optiverians on what it’s like to work at a leading global trading firm.