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PwC Australia

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Sustainability at PwC Australia

7.3 rating for Sustainability, based on 139 reviews
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Pushing for a paper-free office. Sponsored a lot of carbon-free initiatives.
Graduate, Canberra
Could be improved
Graduate, Sydney
the building is 5 star.
Graduate, Adelaide
Moving towards a paperless office
Graduate, Adelaide
Reduce waste, office is in an efficient building.
Graduate, Adelaide
5 star green rated building
Graduate, Adelaide
The company has a large focus on going green and ensures that everyone is using technology over paper. Also ensure that staff abide by the environment focused work.
Graduate, Adelaide
The company office is considered a 'paperless' office where minimal amounts of paper are used and employees are heavily encouraged to utilise computational equipment to carry out day-to-day tasks.
Graduate, Perth
Going to paperless (well trying to).
Graduate, Brisbane
Recycling waste. Encouraging use of coffee keep cups, Green Team office initiative.
Graduate, Sydney
Use coffee cups rather than paper cups.
Graduate, Sydney