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Thomas Gilmour

Be honest with your shortcomings, no one is perfect out of university, we are all constantly learning and evolving, watch and learn how others do things.

My name is Thomas Gilmour. I was born in Tasmania. After completing high school, I spent a few years traveling the world and deciding what I wanted to do with my life. At 22, I enlisted in the Army and became an aircraft maintenance engineer and worked on Blackhawk helicopters based out of Sydney for 4 years. While I was working in the Army, I completed my Bachelor of Arts (International Relations & Asian Studies/History & Political Thought) through Western Sydney University.

I applied through KPMG’s website and was contacted within a couple of weeks and the graduate recruitment process was explained to me. The recruitment process was very simple. Throughout the whole process, I felt I had a good understanding of what was happening with my potential employment at KPMG. I was fortunate enough to engage with an Indigenous Experience Manager throughout the process who allowed me to tell my story from a cultural perspective and it solidified my choice that KPMG would be the right fit for me.

I have only been at KPMG for a short while now but every day has been different. The first week is all a blur. From induction training to mandatory online learning and meeting other members of the team in between. I am currently on secondment within the Defence sector. I am working directly under an Associate Director with a Defence background to come up with a simple roadmap for a complex situation. The work is challenging but it is teaching me to think about problems differently.

The biggest pro of operations advisory is the massive knowledge base amongst all the team members and how freely they are all willing to help you learn and improve. The team first attitude is evident. There are truly no stupid questions. Additionally, the flexibility for me to remain an army reservist is available and that is something that I find really appealing.

Your network is everything! Lean on your buddy in the early days but maintain that relationship throughout your time at KPMG and beyond. Everyone has the same trepidations when they first come to a large firm like KPMG.