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Rebecca Hale

5.00 AM

5am starts aren’t for everyone but I’m an early riser! 

A good friend and colleague once told me “your time before work is your time” and I like to take full advantage of that. I will admit that I hit snooze on the alarm occasionally… but typically you’ll find me at the gym by 5:30. I find exercise really helps to kick-start my day, sets me up in the right headspace and puts me in a good mood.

7.00 AM

I jump on a train into the city and after 30 minutes of podcast listening & scrolling through Instagram, I’m strolling down the Brisbane CBD on my way to the Brisbane KPMG office. If it’s still close enough to payday, I might even stop for a coffee at one of my local favourites find a step by the river to take in the breeze and views of The Brisbane River. 

Although, this is not my standard commute - I typically work 3-4 days a week from client site, at least one day in the office and the occasional day working from home! 

7.45 AM

I arrive at work and select a hot-desk for the day: If it’s sunny, I typically go for a desk with a river view… If I’m swamped with work and need some 1-on-1 time to focus, I’ll typically sit at a desk in a “focus zone” or “quiet area”. I say hi to a fellow Grad or team member on the way in, and if we haven’t yet had coffee - we’ll head straight to Level 19 where the magic iPad that will pour us both one. Then it’s back to my desk to get the day started!

8.15 AM

I check my diary and make a plan for the day. I look at my “to-do” list and highlight priority items. Then I check my emails – Anything new? Interesting? Urgent? If I have a spare 5-10 I might even read some articles from ‘The Breakky News’ (KPMG Newsletter). 

8.40 AM 

I meet with the Manager of the project I am working on (and the Senior Con I’m working with) for a pre-stand up briefing. She will typically highlight any new advancements from the Project Management Team that may impact our work. She’ll also check in to see what our high priority items are for the day and whether we need support with anything. 

9.00 AM 

I join the team stand up (dial-in via skype if I am not on the client site)! I’m working on a technology implementation project at the moment, which has approximately 8 different streams of work (including HR, Change Management, Procurement, Technology, etc.). The daily stand-up allows each stream to provide an update and identify key concerns, challenges, opportunities and ask questions of the other streams. It is designed to keep us connected and aware of what is going on during this big and often complex engagement! 

9.30 AM

Another coffee, if required. And an opportunity to have a quick chat and check in with my colleagues if they are on the same floor as me – we have a really great culture in P&C (and KPMG more broadly) and connection with co-workers is encouraged! 

9.45 AM

Now, into the detail. I am working in the Training team for this technology implementation project. We are in the process of finalising a document that identifies and assesses the training needs for all staff impacted by the new technology system. It’s a big excel spreadsheet that tells us who in the business needs which training modules and highlights any learner considerations important for training delivery (literacy, numeracy, shift work, etc.). We’ve just sent it out to be validated by the business and are awaiting their feedback. I have already received a number of responses and am working to consolidate the feedback and update the master document.

11.00 AM

While I’m waiting for more feedback, I will delve into another of the training team’s tasks – building training materials. I am collecting screenshots and creating quick fact guides to help users navigate the new system. The design has already been approved by the client and now I am populating the content. 

12.00 PM

Time for a break! Lunch with my team in the food court! Or a pre-prepared meal in the kitchen on our floor. 

1.00 PM

When I return from lunch, I review the latest emails in my inbox. I respond to those that are urgent and appropriately sort the rest to be followed up later. 

1.20 PM

I’ve received an email from a client, which has a number of clarifying questions about the analysis document. She would like some more detail about the module structure of the data. I phone her to discuss this and we step through each module until she is comfortable. 

I quickly draft an email to my manager to let her know that all we have almost received all required client feedback and we should have a finalised document by the end of the week.  

2.00 PM 

I step into a workshop for the next phase of the technology implementation, plan for go-live next year. We are looking at the future state process maps for the business and identifying where tech changes are anticipated to significantly alter the way staff work currently. We are mapping who is impacted and by how much. There are process maps on the screen and the room is full of key business stakeholders. This information is an important input for both the change and training teams, who will need to understand what is changing for staff, and also how to prioritise engagement and training.

3.00 PM

Back into materials development as I am still awaiting additional client feedback. This time I am working on end-user workbooks and facilitator guides. Yesterday, I met with my manager and we drafted the high-level structure and approach to these artifacts. I have photos of the whiteboard we brainstormed on to use as a reference point while I build the PowerPoint packs. There are some amazing resources available through the KPMG Intranet and I experiment with different design elements and templates.

5.00 PM

I clean out today’s inbox by appropriately responding to, filing away or deleting emails. All that remains are “to-do” tasks or items that require additional input. I use these emails as a prompt to create a “to-do” list for tomorrow with all of the things I didn’t get around to today or high-priority items to follow up with other team members. 

5.45 PM

I head for the train! Pulling out the headphones to finish the podcast I started this morning. 

7.00 PM 

I cook up a storm in the kitchen with the nightly news (or NCIS) playing in the background.  

Unless it’s a Monday – You’ll find me playing Netball with my colleagues (we have a KPMG Brisbane team)! Or if it’s a KPMG Toastmasters night – I’ll be working on my public speaking!

9.00 PM

Sort out lunch for tomorrow, pack a bag for the gym and then into bed with a book!
Alarm set for tomorrow.