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Training & Personal Development at KPMG Australia

7.6 rating for Training, based on 38 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
A few different training sessions provided for each position - most pretty helpful, a few brief and not so important sessions. Monthly team day including training sessions. Multiple training sessions for each Chartered Accountant unit in-house - however not completely aligned to CA units and teachings.
Entry level, Perth
The training programmes are second to none and within the first 2 months there have already been 2 separate courses on department specific training with the option to do many, many more online should there be a break in work.
Graduate, Adelaide
I've so far received primarily informal training as I am not yet able to complete formal training. But trainings range from Excel to new software,
Intern, Perth
The training camp in Sydney was very well organised and an excellent way to network with peers. For the tax division it is compulsory to complete an additional qualification with the tax institute, there has been some support with this after hours training.
Graduate, Perth
Great training - lunchtime funds training and consultants training, however I wish it were organised in a way that was easier for someone with little to no knowledge to easily grasp.
Graduate, Sydney
Training is extensive and well supported with both instructor-led courses and online training.
Graduate, Sydney
one week of tax training interstate for all graduates and weekly internal trainings
Graduate, Adelaide