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Sustainability at Grant Thornton

6.5 rating for Sustainability, based on 68 reviews
Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
We take many measures in audit to make digital audit evidence as easy to provide for our clients to discourage use of paper. We also are required to separate our recycling properly and compost food scraps.
Graduate, Adelaide
I personally have not see a lot of effort in that area so cannot comment further, but I do feel that there is scope for improvement.
Graduate, Sydney
We have recycling bins that are not in use at the moment due to COVID.
Midlevel, Cairns
I don't see a lot in this area - I would like to hear more - I'd be more than happy to not take any clients with large environmental footprints (e.g. the mining industry)
Graduate, Melbourne
Recycling bins.
Graduate, Sydney
I put a neutral answer here because I am unsure but I support taking the safe environment option but as long as it doesn't have a large negative effect on business and other things.
Graduate, Brisbane
Easily identifiable bins which show what can be recycled etc.
Midlevel, Perth
Automatic turn off of lights and air conditioning
Graduate, Melbourne
Paperless working environment
Graduate, Sydney
We have had guest speakers come in to discuss ways in which we can improve our waste/recycling practices
Graduate, Adelaide
I haven't fully seen the steps taken when it comes to environment, but I know that we are always ensuring that our rubbish are not going anywhere it shouldn't be.
Graduate, Perth
Company encourages recycling, minimal power usage and is paperless.
Midlevel, Perth