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Culture at Grant Thornton

8.5 rating for Culture, based on 74 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Good mix of collabortion with all levels including partners, could be more teamwork orientated.
Midlevel, Perth
The audit team spends most of our time out at clients, so we do not have much time to socialise with the tax and P.A. teams in the office, but because we work in small teams and those teams change from week to week you very quickly get to know the entire audit team very well and they are all great people to hang out with.
Graduate, Adelaide
GT has a very open work culture with genuine care elements integrated within the fabric of the company. It has a flat hierarchy structure with Partners and Associates, all sitting at the same desks and chairs. This allows for a more approachable workplace. Workmates are very friendly and helpful and there are several opportunities to socialise over work drinks, lunches, coffee catch-ups and EOFY Ball event.
Graduate, Sydney
Overall culture of the office is great - various areas all socialise and we have a strong networking culture, so everyone is becoming comfortable with meeting and talking to new people. On the job, we all work collaboratively to complete the engagement no matter whom we are working with. Our partners set the tone from the top and are often seen seeking each others opinions to knowledge share & appreciate each others background & specialities.
Midlevel, Cairns
Work hard and play hard. Hard work doesn't go unnoticed.
Midlevel, Brisbane
Great! Everyone is always so friendly, and willing to answer any questions. There are regular social events, last week we went to Holy Moly for drinks and dinner, was super fun! There is an effort to make the hierarchy very flat, so there are organised incentives to go and have coffee with a partner/director to get to know them and break down barriers.
Graduate, Melbourne
Culture is amazing. Young vibrant workplace which is always good to be around
Midlevel, Melbourne
The culture is good, although it relies on too many extra hours worked. Partially this is because we are under-resourced, but they should be booking people on jobs for longer - or at least paying people more.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very friendly and accommodating, everyone is happy to talk.
Graduate, Sydney
My work colleagues are all very nice and social people so I am able to have chats with anyone and everyone. I felt very welcome from the first day and clicked well with everyone and felt comfortable. I feel I can easily talk to my managers with ease and feel very relaxed and not stressed.
Graduate, Brisbane
Support, inclusion, consideration. There is a hierarchy but it also doesn't create barriers of communication between colleagues. Seniors, managers and partners are very approachable. I have found in all my teams I have worked with everyone is cooperative and helpful. Often have social events
Graduate, Perth
Team culture is good and very strong bond. After work drinks and events has died down since COVID but are enjoyable when they do occur.
Midlevel, Perth
Good sense of teamwork and socialisation amongst colleagues and other graduates.
Graduate, Sydney
Office is an open workspace which allows you to easily collaborate and talk to different people, people are friendly and you feel confident to be able to approach people in a range of roles. Social club events occur monthly as well as service line team events.
Graduate, Adelaide
Really great culture
Midlevel, Adelaide
The culture is absolutely fantastic. The hierarchy is very flat, in the sense that Partners and consistently engaging with new graduates on a formal and informal level. The teamwork is great, everyone respects each other and there is significant opportunity to socialise outside of work should you wish to.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very friendly and supportive team at work who make me feel like I can ask or tell them anything. People above me are also very approachable and don't make me feel like there are degrees of separation between us. Teamwork and collaboration is highly valued and encouraged. There is a strong social program outside work where people can get to know each other outside the office environment.
Graduate, Melbourne
The culture is very good. Everyone is always happy to lend a hand and have a talk, whether it be about work or social aspects. There are many opportunities outside of work hours to network and socialise with the other employees. Even though there is a hierarchy, the partners are very easy going and happy to socialise and engage in social activities.
Graduate, Sydney
One thing I love about the culture at GT is that regardless of what level you are at, those in senior roles are extremely approachable and inclusive and genuinely want to help you learn and grow. I feel comfortable asking questions and reaching out to anyone, however, depending on what help you are after is it encouraged that you direct queries to the most appropriate person (e.g. other associates, seniors, managers then partners). At out of office events it's hard to tell what the hierarchy is because everyone mingles as a group and on engagements, everyone works as a team.
Graduate, Melbourne
Great inclusive culture during and after office hours. No matter what level you're at, you can approach someone higher and have a real discussion with them and they make you feel welcome.
Graduate, Sydney