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Samar Mouhasseb

Samar studied Master of Accounting at Flinders University and is now an Associate – Private Advisory at Grant Thornton

5:20 AM

I’m yanked from sleep by my 5 year old son calling from his room (Who needs an alarm when you have kids?!!)

He’s awake and full of energy, and ready to start his day. I head straight to the kitchen, prepare his breakfast and leave him watching TV while I have a shower and get ready for work.

715: AM

We are both ready to leave the house. I drop my little one off at childcare and catch the bus to go to work.

8:25 AM

I have arrived at the office located in Adelaide CBD.I find myself a desk and login to my computer to look through the tasks allocated to me and to organize myself for the day.

Day in the life Samar Grant Thornton


8:40 AM

It’s time for my first coffee for the day. I make a large cup of flat white and head back to my desk to get started on my work.

Day in the life Samar Grant Thornton

9:30 AM

I have a meeting booked with one of the directors to go through client work. I take this opportunity to ask questions and take notes as well as getting work done.

Day in the life Samar Grant Thornton

10:00 AM

Time for a short coffee break with one of my colleagues. I make myself a coffee and grab some biscuits from the kitchen before returning to my desk to work on a tax return.

Day in the life Samar Grant Thornton

11:00 AM

Today I have my Mid-year Performance Inspiring Conversation (PIC). My manager and I grab a meeting room and my coach join us over Skype as she’s working from home (Grant Thornton prides itself for being agile and flexible!)

Day in the life Samar Grant Thornton

11:45 AM

The meeting is done, I go back to my desk and do more client work.

12:30 PM

My colleague and I decided to walk to a café near the office to buy lunch and come back to eat at our desks.

1:00 PM

One of the managers hands me over an urgent job that just came in. I re-organise my afternoon and work on that job for the rest of the day.

Day in the life Samar Grant Thornton

5:15 PM

It’s time to leave the office to pick up my son from childcare.

5:45 PM

We arrive home, quickly get changed and take my little one to his Taekwondo class.

Day in the life Samar Grant Thornton


7:00 PM

We arrive back home. I quickly prepare dinner (I meal prep on the weekend for busy days like today). After dinner, my little one has his shower and gets ready to bed while I clean and tidy up the house. We read a bedtime story and wait for him to fall asleep.

8:10 PM

The house is now very quiet. After relaxing for half an hour, I hop on the laptop to study for my CTA qualifications.

Day in the life Samar Grant Thornton


9:55 PM

I start to go cross-eyed while looking at the screen and decide that’s my cue to power down. I have a shower and relax in bed while talking to my family overseas.

10:45 PM

I am exhausted now, I put my phone away and go to sleep to recharge for the next day.