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Inge Budihardjo

6.30 AM

I wake up to the sound of my alarm and press snooze at least once and begrudgingly roll out of bed.  I go for a quick run in the morning (I always try to exercise every couple of days) and have a shower. I get ready just in time for the 7.30 am train to arrive at work on time. During the train ride, I open my laptop so I can go over my readings as I’m currently studying for my Chartered Accounting module which EY is supporting me in.

8.30 AM

I get into work and go into the kitchen to make a toastie for breakfast. I log in to my computer and check my emails for anything that needs to be actioned as soon as possible. I begin to write my to-do list for the day which is always growing. I go downstairs to grab a coffee. I cannot get through my day without coffee!

Inge Budihardjo having coffee with co-worker

9.00 AM

I have a catch up with my manager and I reply to any emails that I may have missed from the day before. I bump into a fellow colleague whom I did the Summer Vacationer Program with. We have a quick catch up as I had not seen her in a while as we have been working on different clients.  I start to prepare for my 9:30 meeting with my first client which is a funds client. My first client site is a 10-minute walk from the office which is one of the great bonuses of having an office that is very central in the CBD.

9.30 AM

When I arrive, I’m greeted by our client contact. We walk to the board room which has a fantastic view of Sydney’s CBD from the room. My client contact sets me up in the board room and hands over the board minutes as I will be conducting a board minute review for this client.

Inge Budihardjo in a meeting

10.30 AM

I speak to the Head of Finance at the funds client and give him a status update on the audit. I then head off to my next client which is an insurance client in North Sydney. Once I arrive, I finalise my board minute review from my previous client.

12.00 PM

I grab lunch with other colleagues who are working on the insurance client. I have leftover Chinese for lunch which was quite tasty. One of the great things about working at EY is that the people are great and our team gets along quite nicely.

Inge Budihardjo having a coffee break

1.00 PM

I start tackling the next item on my to-do list which is finalising the financial statement disclosure checklist. One of the managers at my insurance client has worked on numerous funds engagements and informs me that there has been a change in legislation which impacts her funds financial statements. I email my manager to confirm whether this will impact the fund audit that I’m working on. There’s always interesting legislation changes which impact different clients.

2.00 PM

I set up a new graduate on my insurance client on one of my to-do list tasks. She will be creating graphs for our analytical review procedures for premium and claims revenue.  It’s always a good knowledge check when you get the opportunity to teach someone new. I enjoy explaining to others why tasks are completed on the engagements.

2.30 PM

We are currently trying to embrace technology and implement data analytics on our engagements. I try to finalise the data set that we are using as part of our data analytics on our insurance client however I noticed there’s a couple of errors in the data set. I email the client as the insurance client I am currently on has numerous offices around Australia and my client contact is based in Adelaide.

Inge Budihardjo in front of a laptop

I set up the graduate on another task, as we have received samples from a client contact in Melbourne.  At EY, I am on the Graduate Challenge Program in which I work both on the I.T and assurance sides of the audit. It’s always useful to leverage my I.T knowledge within engagements. I help guide my colleague through the testing.

3.30 PM

We are completing testing over claims on the insurance client. We go to speak to a client contact to request for samples so we can conduct our testing. As I’ve been on this engagement in the prior year, I have a good relationship with this contact. We catch up and she agrees to send through our samples early tomorrow morning.

4.30 PM

I begin to research expectations for my analytical review procedures. This involves conducting research on the economic conditions around the insurance industry’s experience on premiums and claims.  

I review the graduates work and continue to work on the analytical review procedures for the engagement. I realise there’s a couple of variances that I’ve noted as part of the analytical review procedures as there are issues that I have found that are not in line with trend. I will need to go back to the client on these and schedule in a meeting for tomorrow.

Inge Budihardjo in front of a monitor with a co-worker

5.30 PM

My team and I head home for the day. I take an Uber home and have a good chat with the Uber driver about life in Sydney as he is new to Australia.

6.00 PM

I have dinner and then start unwinding by watching TV and check my social media accounts before bed. I’m currently obsessed with Brooklyn 99 and a good laugh is a great way to finish off the day.