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Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Informal training is very good, as I can learn at my own pace. Formal training is more structured and therefore more general
Graduate, melbourne
There are a lot of training programs. Some are compulsory and some are voluntary. I recently did a two-day training program on economic and financial modelling which was extremely helpful.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Our team should complete more technical training, however managers in our team take the time to teach us things if requested.
Graduate, Melbourne
Excellent learning and development opportunities, wonderful formal training programs and great "promotion training" opportunities, and the talented team at EY is excellent.
Midlevel, Canberra
There are bi-annual training weeks each year which are catered to the level that you are at the time.
Graduate, Adelaide
None of the training programs at my company (that I have been forced to attend as they were compulsory) have been useful for me because my team is so specialised. The programs are more geared towards other advisory or audit teams and don't necessarily apply to mine. I'd say they were a waste of time for me but might have been useful to people in other teams.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Training programmes exist in the form of online modules and in-class training led by instructors. I've picked up skills in business writing, consulting, and design thinking.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very detailed training program in place
Midlevel, Sydney
Formal training has been largely irrelevant and ineffective for the purposes of developing key skills within the business. Informally there is a large repository and we have partnered with external companies to gain access to large amount of training courses.
Midlevel, Sydney
Graduate training, then consultant/senior/manager etc training Fortnightly trainings with team
Midlevel, Sydney
There's constant training, allowing me to keep up to date with accounting standards and best practice. Skills picked up include teamwork and leadership.
Midlevel, Sydney
there is a multitude of training constantly available to employees at all skill levels. I have done training in computer programming, threat hunting, report writing, consulting
Graduate, Sydney
The training programs are ok, sometimes it is not very relevant and engaging, especially if it is over skype.
Graduate, Sydney
Every training opportunity you could imagine is available at EY
Midlevel, Brisbane
Training is fantastic - it is a great forum to learn. You have the best managers and seniors teaching you and there is always a partner at the training
Midlevel, Melbourne
While my team training has been great, the general tax training all tax employees receive could be improved. The content is fine but the delivery is below what is expected. This process is going through a revamp and i would expect it to import moving forward.
Midlevel, Melbourne
As a grad, there were a lot of classroom trainings where we met grads from other teams. It was an opportunity to meet new people and learn essential skills for my job.
Graduate, Melbourne
Great L&D programs that offer formal training programs and week long boot camps focusing on technical skills and more management consulting skills. I did a week long graduate camp with all A&NZ grads in Sydney, and we did lots of networking activities and did workshops focusing on core consulting capabilities. My Senior Camp was also in Sydney with all promoted Senior Consultants and we did a 2x day Design Thinking and Agile Bootcamp. They are a great part of life at EY.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Training is a big part of the job with formal trainings happening multiple times a year, as well as on the job training with more senior staff members
Midlevel, Adelaide
Formal training is run at the beginning of employment, and minimum 6 monthly as you continue employment.
Graduate, Perth