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DFK Everalls Pty Ltd

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About DFK Everalls Pty Ltd

  • Accounting & Advisory
  • Banking & Financial Services

The Everalls Group has been providing comprehensive business and financial advice to business owners for 50 years, across our three companies:

  • DFK Everalls is our accounting and business advisory company. We build better businesses with our business development services. We also complete accounting, financial statement and tax requirements for our business and high wealth clients.
  • Everalls Wealth Management as our financial planning company delivers strategic financial planning advice to individuals and SMSF investors wanting to grow and protect their income and wealth.
  • Everalls Books & Bas is our bookkeeping company, making sure clients have accurate financial reports. This keeps them out of trouble with the ATO and more importantly gives them the financial information they need to make better business decisions.

By providing connected, integrated financial advice, it ensures that we look after all aspects of our clients' affairs and build great client relationships. It also provides fantastic opportunities for our graduates to be exposed to diverse client issues and to develop a broad range of skills and experience.

Graduate program

We offer a mentoring graduate program that provides our graduates with opportunities to quickly build and develop their skills across a range of client and technical issues.

We provide opportunities for our graduates to try 'everything' in order to determine what their interests are and where they would like to develop their technical/professional skills and specialties. We do not 'pigeon-hole' graduates into basic, monotonous tasks.

Our training and development focus on the 'why' not the 'what'. We teach our graduates solid foundations which can then be used across various client issues, enabling them to develop into problem solvers. This is not uni, there is no rote learning in professional practice! You will be expected to think outside the 'box', not just tick boxes.

You will work in a team of experienced professionals and have a regular manager and director assistance. You will be a part of client interviews and assist in liaising with clients to resolve queries.

Therefore, we need you to be a positive, energetic person who is willing and confident to take on challenges in order to quickly learn and apply skills.

You may make mistakes and that's okay, but they will be in a supervised and supportive environment to allow you to learn and grow from them so that you don't make the same mistake twice. This is one of our important values.

You will need to demonstrate experience through your academic background and life that shows your ability to build positive relationships with team members and clients.


  • Canberra, ACT