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Clayton Utz

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LGBTQ+ at Clayton Utz

We foster an LGBTIQ-inclusive culture, connect with the broader LGBTIQ community, and implement best practice policies, training and education.

We are an Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) "Platinum Qualifier" – the only law firm to reach this status.  It is a testament to our dedication, drive and vision of an LGBTIQ-inclusive workplace. Our 2021 AWEI Survey results (led by Pride in Diversity) told us that 91% of our LGBTIQ community (who are out of work) would recommend Clayton Utz as an inclusive place to work for people of the same, or similar, sexual orientation and/or gender diversity. 100% said that they have not encountered any exclusion based on their sexuality at CU.  That sense of inclusion is fostered through a thriving ally program and firm-wide enjoyment and acknowledgment of key dates in the LGBTIQ calendar together, such as IDAHOBIT and Wear it Purple Day.  We host an annual LGBTIQ Women National Conference with our people and our clients – a unique event in the corporate sector.

Clayton Utz has been an active advocate on LGBTIQ inclusion through its Pro bono practice.  Alongside this the Firm has actively advocated for marriage equality, and for the rights of transgender children, athletes who identify as transgender or gender diverse, and intersex people.  In recent years, the Firm has followed closely the development of the Religious Discrimination draft legislation and provided guidance internally and externally on legal perspectives.