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7-Eleven Australia

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Corporate Social Responsibility at 7-Eleven Australia

8.2 rating for Corporate Social Responsibility, based on 6 reviews
What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
Recent donation matching initiatives have been announced however I have not seen any of this in action as yet. I would like to see the company take more interest in social causes such as homelessness and aiding the indigenous community. The company has recently introduced a cup recycling scheme which the company is immensely proud of and is an amazing step in the right direction.
Graduate, Melbourne
Coffee and Slurpee cup recycling
Graduate, Melbourne
7-Eleven is taking a leading role in cup recycling in Australia by working with Simply Cups to save takeaway cups from going to landfill.
Graduate, Melbourne
There is a great CSR program beginning this year with the opportunity to volunteer and donate or salary sacrifice to charities.
Graduate, Melbourne