Your role as a cadet will be a hands-on practical role, whereby you will be mentored by either a Principal or Senior Staff member and involved in a variety of tasks ranging from the preparation of income tax returns, to assisting with the preparation of financial accounts and audit of our client's financial accounts.

We recruit cadets from High School to undertake their university studies whilst working full-time, rather than graduates with no experience. This basic philosophy stems from the Principals' belief that the part-time course of study is the best method of achieving qualification and experience as a Chartered Accountant. The success of our staff in passing the CA examinations of the Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) is evidence of the value of the practical training which our staff have received while working at McBurneys. Our staff members are also able to satisfy the work experience requirements of the CAANZ while undertaking their university degree.

As a cadet you will obtain practical experience working full-time whilst studying part-time towards your accounting degree. Every six months, each employee will undergo a formal appraisal in addition to being evaluated on a less formal job by job basis.

Appraisals are designed to:

  • Provide an evaluation of the work you have produced;
  • Give constructive feedback on your performance which highlights your strengths as well as areas for improvement;
  • Highlight your professional and technical training needs; and
  • Review your career progress to date and set goals for the future.

Salary reviews are also conducted every six months to ensure that our salary ranges are in line with the market rates in each area within the accounting profession and at each level of professional and academic achievement of our personnel.
Cadetship Requirements

There are no pre-requisites other than to obtain an ATAR sufficient to gain entry to a university course approved by the CAANZ.

The ATAR requirements have been increasing each year due to the strong demand for accountancy courses. There are no pre-requisite subjects but believe that a high degree of numeracy and communication skills are required of all professionals and therefore good results in English, and Mathematics studied at reasonable levels are preferred.

The successful applicants will be offered a cadetship conditional upon the applicants' success at the Higher School Certificate (HSC) and obtaining entry to an approved University to study a course approved by the CAANZ.

Cadetship Assistance - Working Full-Time

Under the McBurneys Cadetship Program, cadets will receive a salary package including superannuation while working full-time in line with market salaries.

In addition to your salary package, you will be provided with the following assistance under the Cadetship Program while working full-time:

  • Three (3) hours per week to attend university. This paid leave does not apply during university semester holidays.
  • A contribution of up to $300 per semester for reimbursement of textbooks, university fees and travel expenses etc. This reimbursement is dependent on all subjects being passed and the provision of transcripts. Receipts for all expenses incurred must also be provided;
  • Two (2) days paid study leave per semester. Any additional study leave required is to be taken from unused annual leave; and
  • One (1) day paid exam leave (per exam).

Assistance provided by McBurneys under the Cadetship Program is limited to two (2) subjects per semester while working full-time and is only offered during the two (2) university semesters (ie Autumn and Spring) and does not apply to trimesters.

To be eligible to apply for this position, applicants must have existing Australian work rights.